3Blue1Brown: Essence of Calculus

In this liveVideo course mathematician Grant Sanderson — better known on YouTube as 3blue1brown — sets out to make calculus feel like something that you could have discovered yourself. FREE ON LIVEVIDEO, Essence of Calculus gets to the heart of this core mathematical study in one binge-watchable series of lessons. Grant’s distinctive animation-and-visuals style and friendly approach makes learning calculus not only intuitive, but also fun!

Calculus is often presented as a set of rules to be memorized. Essence of Calculus takes a different angle, covering calculus’s core ideas in a way that ensures you know where they come from and what they actually mean. It gives you all the necessary information for you to “invent calculus” for yourself, making the logical leaps just like you were an historical mathematician. Through a friendly and easy-to-understand visual approach, you’ll learn derivative formulas through geometry, implicit differentiation, and more. This liveVideo course is ABSOLUTELY FREE. Just add it to the cart for $0.00 and check out.

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