Mathematician Grant Sanderson — better known on YouTube as 3blue1brown — simplifies the complex topic of deep learning through his unique visuals-first approach. In Neural Networks, FREE ON LIVEVIDEO, the number 1 course has been enhanced and extended exclusively for Manning! Through stunning visualizations, storytelling, and animation, you’ll discover what neural networks are and how they deliver their incredible results. This liveVideo extended edition is absolutely free, and comes complete with extra assessments and additional resources drawn from quality Manning content.

Enhanced with assessments and bonus explanatory chapters from Manning books, Neural Networks simplifies neural networks, the core component of deep learning. In this enhanced and expanded version of his video series, YouTube star Grant Sanderson — aka 3blue1brown dazzles you with crisp explanations and striking animations. Starting with a simple neural network, you’ll open up the black box of deep learning and explore the math and theory below the surface. Thanks to Grant’s visualizations, storytelling, and animations, you’ll quickly get your head around the complex concepts that drive this powerful tool for modern machine learning. This liveVideo course is ABSOLUTELY FREE. Just add it to the cart for $0.00 and check out.

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