3D Medical Image Analysis with PyTorch

Image translation, CNN, Regression task

We just launched our liveProject platform — where you can sign up for a structured project and get real-world experience.

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In this liveProject, you’ll take on the role of a machine learning engineer at a healthcare imaging company, processing and analyzing magnetic resonance (MR) brain images. Your current medical image analysis pipelines are set up to use two types of MR images, but a new set of customer data has only one of those types! Your challenge is to build a convolutional neural network that can perform an image translation to provide you with your missing data. You’ll do this using the deep learning framework PyTorch and a large preprocessed set of MR brain images. The company also wants to make sure your image translation convolutional neural network reliably produces the desired MR image, so you will need to provide qualitative and quantitative results demonstrating your method’s effectiveness.

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