Exploring Kotlin Functional Programming

Functional programming is a reliable method for delivering what every developer wants to see: bug free code. Built around the same tenets as calculus, functional programming creates code that’s more stable, more consistent and easier to test. The new JVM language Kotlin has caught the attention of Java and Scala developers, in part because it embraces functional-style programming more naturally than standard Java. Google even supports Kotlin as a first-class Android language because of the simplicity it brings to mobile development. There’s never been a better time to take a close look at this hot new language for functional programming!

Exploring Kotlin Functional Programming is a fast, four-chapter introduction designed to give Java programmers a head-start on Kotlin and functional programming. The book sheds light on how functions work in both Kotlin and Java, and how to start implementing them in your code. When you’re done, you’ll have a leg-up on solving programming problems with functional techniques.

About the author:
John Guthrie is an Advisory Solutions Architect with Pivotal Software, where he advises on transitioning from legacy applications to cloud native architectures. John has been working in software for decades across numerous countries; he currently resides in the Washington DC suburbs.

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