Exploring Math for Programmers and Data Scientists

Strong math skills are a prerequisite if you’re interested in a career in data science, artificial intelligence, cryptography, or virtually any tech field. This free mini ebook is the perfect primer to essential math applications you need to break into these exciting and lucrative technology careers.

Exploring Math for Programmers and Data Scientists showcases chapters from three Manning books, chosen by author and master-of-math Paul Orland. You’ll start with a look at the nearest neighbor search problem, common with multidimensional data, and walk through a real-world solution for tackling it. Next, you’ll delve into a set of methods and techniques integral to Principal Component Analysis (PCA), an underlying technique in Latent Semantic Analysis (LSA) for document retrieval. In the last chapter, you’ll work with digital audio data, using mathematical functions in different and interesting ways. Begin sharpening your competitive edge with the fun and fascinating math in this (free!) practical guide!

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