Exploring New Frontiers in Web Performance

In Exploring New Frontiers in Web Performance, author Barry Pollard has selected chapters from four Manning books to lay out the basics of modern performance-improving web tools and technologies. First, you’ll get an introduction to tools for assessing performance and identifying problems. Then you’ll take a look at HTTP/2 — the first major revision of the web’s network protocol — and explore the advantages of running it as well as how it affects development practices. You’ll also delve into the game-changing impact of Progressive Web Apps, including what they are, the benefits they bring to the table, and the first steps to building them. In the final chapter, you’ll explore WebAssembly, a binary language that compiles to bytecode and can run at lightning-fast speed on all browsers, and discover the problems it solves. With this guide, you’ll have a firm grasp on the technologies available today to developers who want feature-rich websites that still have awesome performance, better sales, and higher conversion rates!

About the author:

Barry Pollard is a professional developer with two decades of experience developing, supporting, and tuning software and infrastructure.



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