Exploring Productivity Tools

With chapters selected by Felienne Hermans

As a developer, your most valuable asset is your time. Getting the most out of your productivity takes solid planning, perseverance, and great productivity tools! In this free mini ebook, you’ll discover programming tools and techniques that save time, simplify tasks, and help you work smarter, not harder.

Exploring Productivity Tools features four chapters from Manning books that spotlight tools and techniques for increasing efficiency, decreasing errors, and making the most of resources. You’ll explore memory-supporting tools that make reading complex code easier and faster, and learn to roll with change thanks to time-saving unit testing practices. Discover how making friends with the compiler leads to code that’s less error-prone and more effective. Finally, delve into why we hate testing, how we can learn to love it, and how to use it to decrease our workload. With the tools and techniques featured in this free and focused sampler, you’ll see your productivity start to soar, and with it, your job satisfaction.

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