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  • Sarah Floris

    Sarah Floris

    A little bit of everything, focusing on data science and engineering.

  • Colby T. Ford, PhD

    Colby T. Ford, PhD

    Cloud genomics and AI guy and aspiring polymath. I am a recovering academic from machine learning and bioinformatics and I sometimes write things here.

  • Cihan Ozhan

    Cihan Ozhan

    Founder of DeepLab | Developer, AI Engineer/Hacker, Data Master

  • The Next Tech

    The Next Tech

    The-Next-Tech.com is a smart, intelligent, quirky, witty content portal that targets people interested in technologies, science, inventions and computers.

  • Raff Edward

    Raff Edward

  • Sven Balnojan

    Sven Balnojan

    Ph.D., Product Manager, DevOps & Data enthusiast, and author of “Three Data Point Thursday” & http://datacisions.com

  • Jike Chong

    Jike Chong

    Nurtures teams and crafts cultures to produce billion-dollar business impacts. Built, grew multiple high-performing data functions in public & private companies

  • Yue Cathy Chang

    Yue Cathy Chang

    Author of How to Lead in Data Science; Driving digital transformation at Cognizant, MITSloan, LGO, CMU ECE, Hiking, Learning about Emerging Tech, Enjoying life!

  • Luis Serrano

    Luis Serrano

    Author of Grokking Machine Learning. Quantum AI Research Scientist at Zapata Computing. YouTuber. Ex Google, Apple, Udacity. PhD in Mathematics

  • Tomaz Bratanic

    Tomaz Bratanic

    Data explorer. Turn everything into a graph. Author of Graph algorithms for Data Science at Manning publication.

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