Free eBook: Going Cloud Native

Going Cloud Native is a collection of chapters from three Manning books picked by Docker expert Ian Miell. In the first chapter, you’ll explore Docker, the industry standard in container platforms, and go hands-on as you create a running To-Do application. Then, you’ll take a close look at Kubernetes, a container orchestration system, and its basic building blocks, pods, which contain all the necessary resources of an application. Finally, you’ll learn about serverless computing, another cloud native option, in which applications are kept on servers hosted by a third-party service. Using AWS services, including Simple Storage Service, Simple Notification Service, and AWS Elemental MediaConvert, you’ll build a serverless video-sharing website.

As you read, you’ll see how going cloud native sharply decreases overhead when compared with applications hosted on traditional machines. You’ll also appreciate how it empowers developers to be much more productive as they build highly flexible, easily scalable, and more manageable applications. If you’re thinking about going cloud native for your next application or moving your existing applications to the cloud, this guide is a great first step!

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