HTTP 1.1 vs HTTP.2 vs HTTP/2 with Push

From HTTP/2 in Action by Barry Pollard


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The Hypertext Transfer Protocol, or HTTP, defines how data travels on the web, including the billions of web page requests happening each day. HTTP/2 is the most significant upgrade to the protocol in 20 years. The new standard is more efficient, which means faster, safer web traffic. HTTP/2 in Action introduces HTTP/2 and teaches you everything you need to use it effectively! These three animations, taken from the book, compare HTTP/1.1, HTTP/2, and HTTP/2 with push in terms of speed.

HTTP/2 with push

See the difference? HTTP/2 is fast, and with push it’s even faster! Your website’s users will thank you for upgrading.


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About the author:
Barry Pollard is a professional software developer with nearly two decades of industry experience developing and supporting software and infrastructure. He has a keen interest in web technologies, performance tuning, security, and the practical usage of technology.

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