Human Pose Estimation with Deep Neural Networks

Keypoint estimation, Object detection, R-CNN, Transfer learning, ResNet

We just launched our liveProject platform — where you can sign up for a structured project and get real-world experience.

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In this liveProject, you’ll take on the role of a machine learning engineer working for a company developing augmented reality apps. These apps include games, virtual shopping assistants, and fitness coaches that need to be able to reliably recognize the shape of a human body. Your challenge is to create an application for human pose estimation: detecting a human body in an image and estimating its key points such as knees and elbows. To do this, you’ll build a convolutional neural network from scratch, training your model using Google Colab and your GPU. At the end of this liveProject, you’ll have completed an interactive demo application that uses a simple webcam to detect and predict human keypoints.

Learn more about liveProject here:

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