March is liveVideo month! All liveVideos are $25!


All liveVideo courses are just $25 until March 31!
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We are more likely to remember an object if we see it at least twice while it’s moving. The brain combines the two moments and forms one stronger memory.
— Jonathan Flombaum, Johns Hopkins University Visual Thinking Lab

Motion has a powerful effect on memory. Manning’s liveVideo courses kick your learning into high gear with live coding, engaging animations, and hands-on exercises guaranteed to light up your brain. Try out our new liveVideo platform this month while all liveVideo courses are just $25!

liveVideo bestsellers

Production-Ready Serverless: Operational Best Practices introduces you to leading patterns and practices for creating operationally sound serverless applications using AWS Lambda, API Gateway, and Kinesis. AWS expert Yan Cui guides you every step of the way with hands-on video modules to lock in what you’ve learned! learn more

Deep Learning Crash Course gets you straight into the world of deep learning! With Oliver Zeigermann’s crystal-clear video instruction and six hands-on projects to take on, you’ll discover the essentials of using open-source Python tools to get started building your own DL algorithms. learn more

Complete course available now! Bring the best parts of ES2015, React, and CSS together in your modern web apps. CSS in JavaScript: With styled-components and React teaches you everything you need to implement CSS directly into your JavaScript files, opening the door to exciting new design opportunities! learn more

Complete course available now! Reinforcement Learning in Motion introduces you to the exciting world of machine learning systems that learn from their environments! With this course, data scientist, and expert instructor Phil Tabor guides you from the basics to programming your own constantly-learning AI agents. learn more

Complete course available now! Let experienced software engineer and TED Speaker Kesha Williams give you a complete tour of the tools, techniques, and concepts for machine learning in the cloud with AWS Machine Learning in Motion. How? By building your own algorithm capable of noticing if a crime is happening! learn more

Free liveVideo preview modules

We believe you’ll love learning in liveVideo. Every liveVideo course includes several FREE preview modules. You’ll be able to check out the course and also give the liveVideo platform a test drive.

New liveVideo courses

Linux in Motion teaches what you need to successfully run and manage Linux servers. In this fantastic combination of crystal-clear text, video segments, and hands-on projects, master instructor David Clinton delivers what it takes to administer Linux like a pro. learn more

In Ethereum DApps in Motion, blockchain and cryptocurrency expert Julien Klepatch teaches you to build DApps on the Ethereum blockchain. You’ll get hands-on experience with real-world exercises! learn more

What does liveVideo offer?

liveVideo is Manning’s exclusive video training platform. Each liveVideo course delivers outstanding teaching from seasoned trainers in an innovative interactive format. You’ll get

  • Crystal-clear instruction. Each course is broken into modules that pace out the teaching to maximize your learning.
  • Hands-on exercises. Each video course is filled with projects and exercises to help you fully understand the most important ideas and practice as you go.
  • Navigate-by-transcript. There’s a full-text transcript of each lesson so you can review what you’ve seen and heard and easily re-start the video from any point.

REMEMBER: All liveVideo courses are just $25 until March 31!

New distributed course! The Ultimate Introduction to Big Data definitely lives up to its name, with over 25 technologies covered in over 14 hours of video instruction to get you building powerful data processing systems! learn more

This distributed course was created independently by big data expert Frank Kane and is distributed by Manning through our exclusive liveVideo platform.

Check out our entire liveVideo library here.



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