Microservices Stability: Design For Failure, Deploy With Confidence

Microservices solve complex business problems by combining loosely coupled, single-responsibility applications into an integrated system. This type of architecture offers flexibility, adaptability, ease of testing and maintenance, rapid deployment to market, lean workflows, improved team communication, and more. The key to fully leveraging these benefits is understanding the new design, implementation, and deployment challenges that can crop up with microservices — and then meeting them head-on!

Microservices Stability is a collection of chapters from three Manning books, handpicked by microservices expert and co-author of Microservices in Action Paulo Pereira. Together, these chapters present an essential, laser-focused perspective on the world of stable, scalable microservices systems! You’ll begin by learning to build reliability into your system design by preparing for common problems like interservice communication issues, fault dependencies, and spotty availability of required services. You’ll also take a close look at deployment patterns, such as using frequent low-cost failure to avoid infrequent high-cost failure and managing risk with continuous delivery. To ensure your system is ready for prime-time, you’ll explore a variety of testing methods. When you’re finished with this short Free eBook, you’ll have a firm grasp on how to build reliable, stable, fault-tolerant microservices systems you can deploy with confidence.

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