Object Storage Across the Cloud: AWS, Azure, and GCP

Object Storage Across the Cloud is a collection of chapters from four Manning books, chosen by data scientist JT Wolohan, with the goal of helping you become comfortable developing with object storage, no matter which provider you choose. This mini ebook explores choosing the right storage class, access control and lifecycle configuration, and several common use cases. You’ll delve into the internals of the AWS S3 object store and use this highly popular system to host a website. In a chapter that examines Microsoft Azure’s Blob Storage, you’ll learn about Azure naming conventions, choosing an Azure storage service, creating an Azure storage account, and designing storage account access. And to put your newfound object storage knowledge to the test, you’ll use object storage to power big data analytics as you run both Hadoop and Spark jobs in the cloud using Amazon EMR. This packed primer is an excellent showcase of object storage, its many uses and benefits, and how to choose the best platform for your task!

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