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Edd Yerburgh

Six Questions with Edd Yerburgh, author of Testing Vue.js Applications

Edd Yerburgh is a JavaScript developer and Vue core team member. He’s the main author of the Vue Test Utils library and is passionate about open source tooling for testing component-based applications. He’s currently working as a software engineer at the BBC in London.


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By testing, are we talking about the test-driven approach to developing (TDD)? Or are you using tests in other ways?

Is there anything about Vue.js that makes it particularly appropriate to a TDD approach?

Would it be possible to apply the tests and testing approaches you teach in your book to another language?

Tests are not silver bullets, right? When would we not want to use them?

Front-end tests also have the problem that they can be brittle. They use browser APIs that require mocking, and sometimes the tests need to test the component output by relying on a DOM element’s attribute, which can change without breaking the functionality that’s being tested. This makes tests more expensive. So it’s a trade-off that you have to make as a developer. Generally I write tests for large apps with multiple developers working on them, because I find the cost of writing and maintaining the tests is outweighed by the benefit of having a good test suite.

You say you want to teach your mindset and approach to testing, as well as the techniques of testing. What is that mindset?

I hear you accomplished quite a goal recently: reading 52 books in a year. What were some of your favorites?

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