Training and Deploying an ML Model as a Microservice

ML as a Service, Sentiment Analysis, NLTK, FaaS, Docker Container

We just launched our liveProject platform — where you can sign up for a structured project and get real-world experience.

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In this liveProject, you’ll fill the shoes of a developer for an ecommerce company. Customers provide reviews of your company’s products, which are used to give a product rating. Until now, assigning a rating has been manual: contractors read each review, decide whether it’s positive or negative, and assign a score. Your boss has decided that this is too expensive and time consuming. Your mission is to automate this process, dramatically increasing the speed of rating calculations, and decreasing the cost to your company. To complete this project you will have to train a machine learning model to recognize and rank positive and negative reviews, expose this model to an API so your website and partner sites can benefit from automatic ratings, and build a small webpage using FaaS, containers, and microservices that can run your model for demonstration.

Learn more about liveProject here:

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